In 1945 Douglas A-26B S/N 41-39230 which is now (N9682C) “Lady Liberty” was flown from England back to the United States. The Second World War was over and some of the newer aircraft were to see assignments in the states. Some were to see combat action again in Korea and Vietnam. However, Lady Liberty was not selected to fight again. The aircraft was to be used to pull targets, used for training and ultimately sold out of military service.

However, these were not to be her final missions, in civilian service, she was used for radar research, further flight training and firefighting. Finally, she was donated to the Commemorative Air Force (formally the Confederate Air Force) to represent her type design at air shows to give the American public a sense of the sacrifices and contributions the A-26’s and their crews made in the endeavor of freedom for the people of America.

Standing 18 feet high, 70 feet from wing tip to wing tip, 50 feet long, capable of carrying 4000 pounds of bombs, or brandishing 14 forward firing .50 caliber machine guns, the aircraft was a formidable weapon and proved its effectiveness in battle over three American conflicts, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.

The Lady Liberty Sponsor Group of Enid, Oklahoma has set out to be the only known Douglas A-26B who is considering attendance at the ceremonies of the 75th reunion at Normandy, France in June 2019. This is a monstrous idea. The aircraft is nearly 80 years old, the distance is huge but the idea of coming back to the place where it all began is beyond fantastic.

The cost of the trip will be high and the work for the group members is going to be daunting but, the unit is committed to accomplishing this adventure.

The first hurdle is for us to get the aircraft in the finest condition it has been since it was new. We have the expertise and manpower to do that. Next, we need to equip and train our crew in everything needed to make the crossing both to Europe and back to the United States, specifically, Oklahoma.

Finally, we will need the funding it is going to take a lot of money to pull this off and we are confident that with the help of the American aviation public, corporate help, and the Oklahoma Communities we can do it.

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