2016 Calendar of Events is Posted

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We here, at Lady Liberty are profoundly proud to announce that we have completed a 100% completion of our 2015, 13 event, air show season.
We did have a single fly-by appointment that was weathered out but, we do not consider
weather a failure so we are discounting the fly- by. Also, the Hondo air show cancelled but,
we had already delivered the aircraft to Hondo for the airshow in performance condition
So, we consider that mission a success as well. We are deeply sorry that Hondo fell upon difficult times and wish the Tex-Hill Wing much success in the future.

This is the first year in many years the Lady Liberty had a 100% operational readiness and mission success rate. With last year’s engine problems and the loss of the 2014 season due to that engine replacement, we are very proud to see the Lady fully operational. The Lady Liberty group also completed a new unit flight standards SOP and a new Maintenance SOP as well as an Approved Aircraft Inspection Program (AAIP) which has been submitted to the FAA for approval. We feel that these new procedures and the AAIP will allow us to continue this year’s success well into the future.

The 2015 season success is totally attributable to the many, thousands of man- hours and absolute dedication of the men and women of the Lady Liberty Sponsor group, the generosity of the sponsors, the donors at home, the countless donors at the air shows and the parents of the children who rode the bomb train at the airshows who also provided donations, truly, without all of them our success this year would not have been possible. Thank you all.

The Mailing address for the Lady Liberty sponsor group is:
Lady Liberty Sponsor Group
1026 S.66th Street
Hangar 11
Enid, OK 73701

For more information you may call;
Julie (405) 919-6784