Lady Liberty’s “Honor all A-26 Veterans”Program

Lady liberty is a Douglas A-26 Invader that regularly appears at air shows and aviation events in the heartland of America.
Lady Liberty Sponsor Group is embarking on a now program to reach out to all veterans who piloted, crewed, maintained, or supported the Douglas A-26 Invader during the periods between 1942 and 1975. We will be applying all the names of those persons on the aircraft in an attempt to honor those who served our great nation with this magnificent aircraft. If you are an A-26 Veteran, or you are a family member of an invader veteran, or you just know of an A-26 Invader person please email us at {invader@a26ladyliberty.com} so we can get your Veterans name on the aircraft. For further information see the “honor the A-26 Veteran tab in the index above.





Right Fuel tank pics #1_08


The Lady liberty is a 501 C3 charitable organization and is a subordinate organization to the American Airpower Heritage Museum
and is authorized to accept donations and provide tax incentives for those donations. Any donations are gratefully accepted and used 100% for the maintenance, and operations of that aircraft. there are no paid persons in the Lady Liberty Sponsorship Group.

If you would like to make a donation to help the Lady Liberty sponsor group keep her flying you have several options:


Donations may be paid through our PayPal account:

or, you may donate by Check:

Make a checks payable to the “Commemorative Air Force Lady Liberty” and mail to:

Lady Liberty Sponsor Group
1026 S.66th Street
Hangar 11
Enid, OK 73701

For more information you may call;
Julie (405) 919-6784