Maintenance Officer (MxO) Henry “Monk” Klempan

Klempan 2013

Henry “Monk” Klempan

Henry is a U.S. Navy veteran who served as a Quartermaster (’92-’96) aboard the USS Seattle which was home ported in New Jersey. Henry was born in Nov 1973 in San Diego, California; Henry has traveled all over the world due to his career with the Navy. During that time met and married his now wife Krista. Together they both made a combined three deployments to the Mediterranean/Persian Gulf as well as time in the Caribbean. When Krista finished her deployment they moved back to Oklahoma City to start a new life together where they now have two children, Kian and Isabella. In 2006 Henry had was provided an opportunity to pursue a career in aviation by attending Aircraft maintenance mechanic school where he graduated top of his class and earned his A&P certification in 2010. Today Henry is employed with the USAF as a civilian working as a jet engine mechanic on the USAF KC-135 and Navy E-6 aircraft engines. Henry is now pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Aeronautics at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. Monk joined the Lady Liberty Sponsorship Group in spring of 2011 and is passionate about learning and teaching the technical aspects and the history of Lady Liberty. He says that these Warbirds of WWII “are symbols of what the greatest generation accomplished and keeping their story alive to serve as inspiration to others is the mission.” Henry serves with the Lady Liberty group as the Chief Maintenance Officer having responsibilities for both flight and ground hardware.

Henry’s Interests are: History, Mechanics, Cars/hot-rodding and Aviation

June 2015
MONK has completed his Bachelor Degree From Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Henry worked long hours with the support of his family which made it possible, keeping full time employment as an aircraft engine technician, maintaining his school work,and also functioning as the maintenance Officer with our group. Congratulations, You have demonstrated that hard work and dedication will reap it’s rewards, We all wish only the best for you and your family