Unit Leader (CO) – Ken “Baloo” Larcher

Larcher K 2013 3X3Ken Larcher assumed the leadership of the Lady Liberty Sponsorship Group in 2011. Since then there have been many changes to the unit, it’s home, the people, and the aircraft itself. The aircraft was housed at Wiley Post airport (KPWA) and under Kens’ leadership has moved to Enid, Oklahoma, to the Enid – Woodring Regional airport (KWDG) in Hanger 11, where the Lady Liberty enjoys a WWII style hanger that is perfect for the aircraft and all of its support equipment. The community of Enid are the most gracious hosts and we all look forward to a long and happy relationship with the people of Enid. (see “City of Enid” on the upper command bar)

Ken is Viet-Nam Army Aviation, combat veteran having been awarded the Silver Star, Purple Heart and the Army Air Medal.  He is a 1996 graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University where he earned a Bachelors Degree in Aeronautics along with a Masters Degree in Aeronautical Science. He also holds an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate, a Mechanic Certificate with an Airframe and Powerplant rating with an Inspection Authorization. He further holds a Flight Engineer (Turbojet) Certificate.  Ken is employed at the Federal Aviation Administration as a Human Factors Specialist at the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Ken lives with his wife, Julie and his Mother-in-Law Beryl (Who moved to Oklahoma from Britain) as well as the family dogs, Molliemae, Maggiemae and Tye.

Both Ken and Julie are Commemorative Air Force Colonels.