Medical Review Officer Dr. Charles DeJohn D.O.

Chuck DeJohn 2012 Pre Season  #04


Charles “Chuck” DeJohn

Chuck “Doc” DeJohn has been interested in aviation all his life. He started with model airplanes and read his first “how-to-fly” book at age 12, but had to wait until he was 19 when a friend who owned a Piper J-3 Cub took him up for his first flying lesson. He didn’t get his life-long wish of flying for a living until, at age 22, he entered the United States Navy flight training program where was introduced to flying the T-34, T-28 and later, the S-2s. Chuck eventually became a Navy flight instructor in VT-1 and was later assigned as a P-3C Patrol Plane Commander as a member of VP-24. Later, Chuck earned his masters degree in aerospace engineering and went to work as an aeronautical engineer for the United States Air Force where he was assigned to B-52s and     C-135 maintenance and engineering. Chuck decided to enter medical school and subsequently earned his medical degree and was assigned as an aerospace medicine physician at the Naval Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory in Pensacola, Florida. Doc accepted the lead position of the Medical Research Team at the Federal Aviation Administration’s Civil Aerospace Medical Institute in Oklahoma City. It was love at first sight when Doc was introduced to the Lady Liberty. He immediately signed up to join the CAF and enjoys working on the airplane and being a part of the Lady Liberty Support Group. Today Dr. Charles DeJohn is the Lady Liberty’s head medical review Officer.