Honor the A-26 Veterans

The Commemorative Air Forces (Formally the Confederate Air Force) Douglas A-26 Invader “Lady Liberty”
Is an operational A-26 which is based in Enid, OK. The aircraft is flown to major air shows mostly in the Midwest providing entertainment, education to the young and old, sharing stories and tales of the adventures when the aircraft was serving.

Let me ask you a question,
Did you, your Dad, or Grandfather ever, fly, serve as a crew member, or work in support of the Douglas A-26 Invader between the years of WWII through Vietnam?

The A-26 was in service during all of those years 1944 through 1974 even during the cold war.
The Douglas A-26 Invader “Lady Liberty” Sponsor Group is honoring those proud men, living or not, who served on or served with the A-26 when it was in service to America. The plan is to search out any and all military records, books, interviews, and any other source to find these proud Americans and place their names on the Lady Liberty like a flying version of the Vietnam wall. The group will attempt to find as many names of the veterans and families to get permission to place their names on the aircraft. Further we will be asking for donations to help keep this magnificent aircraft flying for generations to come.

So if your answer to my question is yes, please email the Lady Liberty Sponsorship Group at “invader@a26ladyliberty.com” and leave the veterans name, unit (if you know it) which unit he served with and a contact number for further information.
There will soon be a link to a form to provide this information but, we are working on the development of that.