Lady Liberty Media Kit

Douglas A-26 Invader “Lady Liberty.”

The A-26 “Lady Liberty” Invader bomber will be the highlight of the ground displays.  The bomber will be available for free cockpit tours to the public when it is sitting on the ground altough donations will be glady accecpted and, it may provide a flying demonstration. Her crew will on hand at the airscraft to answer questions and help people get a feel for the history of the unique plane, The lady liberty was delivered in England in 1944 and was the 130th Invader produced by the Douglas Aircraft Company.

This particular aircraft was assigned to the 410th Bomb Group and began combat operations in early 1945. Each squadron was given one aircraft. They were painted completely black and initially used as night interdiction aircraft ranging all over Germany. This plane still has patches in the tail that were attributed to encounters with German night fighters. It is the only airshow A-26 that is in stock configuration, and has operable bomb bay doors.