The Tug Refurbishment

The Tug as we found it

We found the tug in North Texas and loaded it up and brought it to OKC, All 8000 pounds of it.

1 Dec, 2013
Currently the tug has been completely disassembled and nearly every part has been reworked.
The only part left to restore is the steering mechanism and thanks to Col. Gary Stein that is now underway.
The Tug body has been repainted and the wheels are being installed.
The plan is to move the tug from Oklahoma City to Enid,Oklahoma where the members locally
can begin to put it all together.
keep checking for updates

The tug body has been prepared for painting, the other parts are being sand blasted and primed

April 17, 2013

A new fuel tank is ready, the instrument cluster is ready, the wheels are ready, the third member is installed, the transmission is ready for installation, The radiator needs to be inspected, Parking brake mechanism is repaired and ready for paint, The timing gear for the engine is proving elusive, she needs two new tires, and all of that stuff earlier mentioned, installed.

The tug has been painted and all parts except the steering column has been prepared for installation.
Thanks to a most generous donation from COL Gary Stein the steering column has been sent to the steering column heaven and will be returned anew. “Way to go Gary!”

All of the Tug parts have been refurbished, cleaned, painted and now, transported to Enid. The challenge is to get the main body to the hangar where the crew can begin assembling it. Charlie Howard and Gary stein have volunteered to start working on the tug as soon as we figure out how to get the nearly 5 ton body (single part) to Enid. We will figure it out!

he engine block has been sent to the machine shop and is waiting it’s return.

Due to the aircraft problem, the tug project has been put on the back burner.