Aircraft Rides and Sales

The FAA authorizes Life heritage Flight Experiences or “rides for compensation” These rides are highly regulated and offer the public to experience, in a small way, ¬†what it was like for those who went to war in these wonderful aircraft. There are no aerobatics or sharp turns and the ride is designed to be a very pleasant experience. Because the program is regulated so closely, we have to make appointments for the flights from Enid. Appointments have begun for the 2013 season starting in May. Four persons may fly in the aircraft at once so we must fill a flight to have a “rides” day.
The rides are $450.00 for seats in the Bomb Bay and $500.00 in the upper flight deck. The whole flight experience will last about an hour and you will be equipped with a flight suit and headset which are returnable.
If you are interested in experiencing the thrill of flying in a WWII Bomber then contact:

Julie (405) 919-6784 or come by the hangar any saturday we are at home.


Sales information for the air show to be able to sell rides ahead of the air show. Please see the “Mission Board”