Sign me up for a ride on Lady Liberty

To sign up for a ride the process is easy, first look on the calendar of events and see when and where rides are scheduled

Then send your request for a seat on the aircraft on that day.

For each flight there are three seats available in the bomb bay area and one seat Up-Front with the pilots

The seats are $400.00 for a seat in the bomb bay area and $450.00 for a seat Up Front in the cockpit behind the pilot. Please keep in mind that only one “up front” seat can be filled per flight and the seat is very very small. Some people will not be able to ride up front because of the seat size restriction. Persons younger than 18 require their parents or legal guardians notarized permission.

To get advanced tickets, email your flight request (form below) for a seat to: {} and a crew member will be in contact with you to help you secure your seat.

6802 Flight Request Form