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How can I Join?

If you have an interest in vintage aircraft and Warbirds in particular, then Enid, Oklahoma is the Place for you. With the Lady Liberty Sponsor Group you are welcome no matter what your skill sets might be. You don’t have to be a Veteran,    a pilot,  a mechanic or have any background in aviation at all to be a member of the Commemorative Air Force. All that is required is a love and affection for these proud aircraft and a real desire to help keeping them flying.

So, come on out to Woodring-Enid Regional Airport (KWDG) on any Saturday and see what we have in store for your next adventure.

Aircraft / Pilot Sponsor

The highest level of aircraft support is the Aircraft/Pilot Sponsor, who for a donation of from $1,500 to $10,000 (depending on the specific aircraft) becomes a full sponsor of a chosen aircraft and is eligible for selection as a pilot in command or other flight crew member, if and when he or she is qualified.

The specific costs of a Aircraft Sponsorship depend on the type aircraft, and a table of current sponsorship costs is available. Many non-pilots choose to become Aircraft Sponsors to express their support of a favorite aircraft, realizing the expense of keeping them flying.

Aircraft / Pilot Sponsors also need to be members of the CAF.

Aircraft Sponsorship Guidelines

The Supporting Sponsor

The Supporting Sponsor is the third level in the Sponsor Program, and allows members to support an aircraft with donations from $150 to $1,000, again depending on the specific aircraft type.

Supporting sponsors may be eligible to serve in non-pilot crew positions, such as Crew Chief, Navigator, Bombardier or Scanner on some aircraft, and Mechanic or Support Crew on all types, depending on their training and qualifications and the need for additional crew members. Don’t worry, the unit can and will train and qualify interested individuals for flight crew positions.

You may contact us directly at:

  • Ken or Julie Larcher (Unit Leader and Wife)
  • 4004 Hunterfield Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73179
  • (405) 919-6784