2017 Recruiting Campaign

We really would like to see you in Enid, Oklahoma

The Lady Liberty Sponsor Group is looking for some new members.

Sure the unit needs new Pilots and Mechanics however, you don’t have to be either to join this organization.
You don’t have to be a veteran,you don’t have to be a pilot or mechanic and you don’t need to have any aeronautical knowledge
at all to become a member. All you really need is a deep affection for these old warbirds and a
strong desire to do what you can to keep the aircraft flying. We do provide training at no charge for our members
and we have a educational program to help out with some educational training outside the unit.
We do need people from all walks of life to keep the aircraft operating and flying to air shows and air events around the country.
You can become a crew chief where you learn the basics of being a flight crew member then advance to
flight engineer where you share the responsibilities of the operation of the aircraft with the pilots, all in flight.

Perhaps you enjoy being around cars or vehicles, you can be part of our ground support equipment maintenance team.
Here you could maintain our aircraft tug and our ground support power cart which we use to help start the aircraft.
Also we have a mass of ground support equipment that has to be looked after on a regular basis.

Also there are openings for those who enjoy being in the administrative side of the house both
for the flight operations and the unit administrative responsibilities both on paper and online.

All we really ask is that if you decide to join our little band, you come with a dedication and a desire to see it all get better.

Call or text Ken Larcher at
email baloo3@cox.net