What does it mean to Join the Lady Liberty Sponsorship Group

Joining the Lady Liberty Sponsor Group is a volunteering commitment. It takes lots of time, effort and resource to keep this wonderful aircraft in safe flying condition and we are all dedicated to that end. It is often said that our people are our most important asset, this is absolutely true in our case. This program simply would not exist without our members, friends, sponsors and our visitors. Please come out to Enid airport and visit the Lady Liberty.

The men and women who are members are dedicated beyond belief and they all share the common love and desire to maintain, fly, and be recognized as a team member of this aircraft, provide information about the Greatest generation and have a lot of fun doing it.

Come out and see if we are your cup of tea, We are not the afternoon break for tea bunch, most of our reading is tech manuals and not romance novels, and we put in a lot of time, emotion, blood, sweat and tears, and some money. But, every member is                   completely satisfied and ends each day together with a smile knowing something great was done that day with wonderful friends.

Please, come out and see if we are the kind of organization that you would like to get involved with and see if it is something you will enjoy, be a part of and have fun doing.

                                                                              Why would I want to join the Lady Liberty Sponsor Group?

Because I want to honor American Military Aviation through flight Exhibitions, Remembrance and Education.

Because I want to help preserve, in flying condition, The A26 Invader “Lady Liberty” through hands-on assistance, financial assistance or in some other way that I can contribute.

Because I believe it is important to perpetuate the spirit in which this great aircraft was flown in the memory and hearts of all Americans.

Because I want to help provide for the protection and display of the Lady Liberty as a tribute to the thousands of men and women who built, serviced, and flew them into harms way to protect our freedoms.

Because I want to belong to an organization with the dedication, enthusiasm and espirit de corps necessary to operate, maintain, and preserve this aircraft as a symbol to American military heritage