To: Prospective Members of the Lady Liberty Sponsor Group, We certainly hope you come and fly with us.

Within the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) there are many and diverse units, Wings, Squadrons Groups and Sponsorship groups and detachments. Each unit is governed by the umbrella rules of the CAF as well as rules set up by the unit that help the unit function and keep itself in good stead with the CAF and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The Lady Liberty Sponsorship Group (LLSG) is no different. The group is operated by a set of officers that provide information, advice and expertise to the group leader who has the authority and the physical and fiscal responsibility for the safe operation of the aircraft and the overall health of the unit. With that in mind the organization is operated for the education, entertainment and pleasure of the members and the public while maintaining aircraft airworthiness, unit strength and friendship in all of its activities.

Members are encouraged to participate to their personal desires and abilities. The unit operates as a team that shares the common goals of safe and competent airmanship, excellence in aircraft maintenance, strong pride both internal and outwardly, and unit camaraderie. The unit does not exploit the membership by charging unit dues, in place of dues, it is expected that each member attends and joins in the activities of the unit on a regular basis as much as the individuals personal time allows, regardless of their position within the unit. Each member is expected to participate to his or her desires and abilities, which is the essence of volunteerism. The members of the unit are the most precious item in the unit.

Air crew flight memberships are special positions within the unit as those individuals are the ambassadors for the unit and the CAF worldwide. These individuals, being asked to operate the aircraft and are requested to participate in the care and maintenance of the aircraft on an as needed by the maintenance crew or as the pilot wishes basis. Further, Pilots (PIC’s) are required to be aircraft sponsors, which require fiscal support of the aircraft on an ongoing basis. Co-Pilots (SIC’s) are not required to be full sponsors as they are considered PIC’s in training. We do ask that the SIC’s come out and help the maintenance crew and get the opportunity to learn the systems of the aircraft, “hands on”

The aircraft maintenance work is completed or supervised by the FAA licensed mechanics who are team members however; the pilots are asked share, as much as they can, in the hands-on maintenance of the aircraft as part of the educational process.

The objective of this is to have a cohesive unit of individuals who come together as a team, work together as a team, train and fly together as a team for the education and enjoyment of providing the best air show act to the public that can be offered, and to demonstrate the way our forefathers came together to defeat a strong and determined enemies to win the world’s deadliest conflict, WWII, as well as to provide each member of the unit great pride in his or her association with the Commemorative Air Force and Lady Liberty Sponsorship Group.