Joining the Lady Liberty Sponsor Group

Can I Join the Lady Liberty unit?    Yes!

Anyone may become a member.   You do not have to be a veteran or pilot or have any aeronautical background.  The only thing that’s required is a love and appreciation for these magnificent aircraft and a desire to keep them flying.

Aircraft / Pilot Sponsor

The highest level of aircraft support is the Aircraft/Pilot Sponsor, who for a donation  of $3,500.00 to become a full flying or pilot/sponsor of of the Lady Liberty. With this sponsorship you are eligible for selection as a pilot in command or other flight crew member, if the sponsor is qualified. Many non-pilots choose to become Aircraft Sponsors to express their support of a favorite aircraft, realizing the expense of keeping them flying.

Aircraft, Pilot/ Sponsors must be members of the CAF. However, it is not required to be a sponsor of the aircraft to be a member of the unit.

Aircraft Sponsorship Guidelines

The Supporting Sponsor

Being a Supporting Sponsor is the third level in the Sponsor Program, and allows members to support an aircraft with donations from $500.00 up to $3,499.99 for the Lady Liberty supporting Sponsorship. Supporting sponsors, if selected, may serve in non-pilot crew positions, such as Crew Chief, Flight Engineer, flight mechanic or Scanner on our aircraft.

If you want to be part of the excitement but don’t have a desire to fly, the need for ground based personnel is great.  We are always looking for Mechanics, non-mechanics and support crew members to help in our effort. If you don’t have any experience with aircraft and want to learn, the Lady Liberty Sponsorship Group has a robust maintenance education program that may help you with the ins and outs of aircraft maintenance procedures.

If you desire to become a sponsor, there are many ways to do so.

You can come to the hangar and see what a great program we have and want to become part of our group, You can call CAF headquaters and sign up for your sponsorship or you can click on the PX/Country store page and sign up.

  • Hangar 11 Enid-Woodring Regional Airport, Enid, Oklahoma
  • (405) 919-6784  (Julie)